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What is SidelineEye?

SidelineEye is an innovative, video based, Statistical Analysis and Coaching tool designed specifically for Gaelic Games.

It makes it easier, faster and more affordable for coaches to analyse match videos, create their own notes and present these to the players in a far more interactive way.

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Our Philosophy

Video based statistical analysis is a great potential resource for all GAA clubs. The key words here are "potential" and "all". Our experience has involved recording and analysing hundreds of matches for all levels of Gaelic Games from Underage Development squads to All Ireland winning teams. This has given us a clear perspective on how best to provide the optimum platform for coaches to get the messages they want to communicate to their players, whether individually or collectively.

From experience and feedback we know a coach wants to focus on the relevant statistics and passages of play from the match. A picture is worth a thousand words. The coach does not need the entire match to be played back, paused, discussed, fast forwarded and so on. This is the old way which is time consuming and laborious. That day has gone. The alternative is better and it is here now. Once it is experienced no coach will want to go back. There is no use telling your players they had 18 wides or 14 lost kick outs the last day without understanding why that happened. That's just data masquerading as the match statistics. Players learn and improve far more quickly if they can see the actual footage where they did something well (or not). They then have the basis for improvement.

Time can work against a coach. They need to productively use the attention and focus of players on their coaching message. When coaches have a match recording they want to cut straight to the chase, make a note on the relevant event, show only those events or clips to players to make their point. The statistics of the matches only have meaning when they are linked to video clips that are immediately accessible to the coach. Saving time and helping the coach with video analysis is what SidelineEye is all about. This is unlocking the potential of Match Video Analysis.

We believe that top class effective analysis should be both simple to use and affordable to teams and clubs of all standard and size. It should not be the preserve of the elite counties and clubs that aspire to winning All Ireland, Provincial and County Championships. Small clubs, lower division teams, under age sides, boys and girls all want to improve, all want to play and all want to win. Their coaches want this too. The evolution of video based match statistical analysis has provided this to meet the current and future needs of the development of Gaelic Games Coaching. This is what SideLineEye is all about. This is unlocking the potential of Match Video Analysis.

SideLineEye's Features

What make SideLineEye different from everyone else?


Easy for managers to analyse the game and make notes on it


The user has full control over all video playback functions.


You achieve a more interactive and engaging presentation of the game and its highlights.


Improves players performances to win more games.

Advanced Statistics

Charts, Graphs, game to game comparison, cumulative seasonal performance.

Multi Camera

Ability to utilise several camera angles of the game. These might include...

Cross Platform

Compatible with PC, Laptops, Mac , Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.

Secure Cloud Based

HTML5 based Web Platform.


Easy to share with other coaches or selectors and players.


From inter-county senior teams competing for All Irelands to small parish clubs juvenile teams SidelineEye puts the best video match analysis packages into the hands of YOUR TEAM at a price that is affordable and unmatched on the market.

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SidelineEye has been used successfully in our native Kerry and now we're bringing it to the rest of the Country

  • Kerry Minors

    All Ireland Champions 2015

  • Dr. Crokes

    Four-in-a-Row Kerry County Champions

  • Austin Stacks

    County & Munster Champions 2015

  • Rathmore

    East Kerry Champions 2014

    • Blackrock Hurling

      32 times Cork Senior Hurling Champions

    • Longford GAA

      Longford Senior Intercounty team 2015

    • St Brigids

    • Donaghmore Ashbourne

      Meath County Finalists 2014

What our users say ?

  • In my role as Kerry Minor Manager 2012-13 and Manager of Colaiste Ghobnatan (2014 All Ireland Colleges C Champions ) I have availed of the services of SidelineEye for all Video Analysis.
    The service provides the most up to date Video equipment , professional in every way and was an integral part in preparation for every game. I could not recommend SidelineEye highly enough.

    Mickey Ned O'Sulliban / Former Limerick and Kerry Manager
  • I have been using SidelineEye since its inception. It has been a tremendous aid to coaching my teams.

    Harry O'Neill / Dr. Crokes and Kerry U21s
  • Our girls have really bought into the Analysis and Stats.
    SidelineEye has improved the communication with our team 100%.

    William O'Sullivan / Kerry Ladies Manager
  • Austin Stacks have only recently bought into the power of Match Analysis. Video is by far the best way for me to explain my coaching ideas to my players and SidelineEye has made this very easy for me to do.

    Stephen Stack / Austin Stacks Manager 2013-Present
  • Video Analysis is a hugely important part of our post and pre-match preparation.
    SidelineEye has made it very easy for me to coach my players even when I'm not in direct contact with them.

    James Fleming / Gneeveguilla and East Kerry Trainer 2012-Present

People behind our services

John C. O'Shea

Founder & Developer

John C has been the Cameraman for the Kerry Senior Football team for the past 4 years. He is also Cameraman and Video Analyst for the Dr. Crokes Senior Team. It was during this time that SidelineEye was conceived, as an easier and faster way for coaches to pick out clips of match videos to show to their players.

GAA McNamee Award 2010 for Innovation & Best Use of Modern Technology
Twenty years of IT experience

Gary Brown

Dublin Regional Manager

Based in Lusk, County Dublin, Gary has many years experience in management, marketing and business development. A keen sports enthusiast, Gary is the Dublin / Leinster Area Manager

Liam Grimes


Liam is the video analyst and statistician for the Kerry Ladies football team

Jimmy O'Sullivan Darcy

Analyst & Blogger

Jimmy is a sports journalist and reporter with the Kerry's Eye newspaper and will bring his own unique view of GAA analysis to our blog

We aim to make SidelineEye Accessible and Affordable to Every Club

Clubs can pay for SidelineEye on a per match usage basis
  • Match Video Analysis
  • €29.99 per Match *
  • Easily add notes to match video
  • Replay coaches notes in any order
  • Full Control of Presentation
  • Use Multiple Camera views
  • Share clips with players
  • Contact Now
  • Online Options
  • Extra €29.99 per Match *
  • Upload full match online
  • Secure Password-Protected Hosting
  • Share Clips with Players Anywhere
  • Tablet & Mobile Compatible
  • Online Player Collaboration
  • Contact Now
  • Statistics Analysis
  • Extra €29.99 per Match *
  • Perform Stats Analysis
  • All Stats Linked to Video
  • Template Designed for GAA Analysis
  • Interactive Shot & Kickout Maps
  • Cumulative Player Statistics per Season
  • Contact Now

Unlimited Access

€ 150 per month

12 Month Training & Support Fee: €299 inc. VAT

SidelineEye offers the very best available technology for the highest level of match video analysis.

For an annual rolling 12 month subscription support fee you will have full access to the SidelineEye site for the year. You can then purchase as many matches or credits as you wish. You then decide how you use those credits for match analysis, stats analysis or online options.

We offer comprehensive support including initial training and demos, logins, loading of players' data, storage capability. We provide security, training and storage solutions for your club which you can activate at any time you wish for the best match analysis for Gaelic Games.

We are confident that our rates represent the best value and least expensive option for match video analysis in GAA.

Get in touch

  • Killarney Technology & Innovation Centre, Killarney, Co. Kerry
  • Unit 11, Tom Crean Innovation Centre, Tralee, Co. Kerry
  • (087) 955 4831
  • (087) 218 7033
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