What makes SideLineEye different?


Easy for managers to analyse the game and make notes on it


You achieve a more interactive and engaging presentation of the game.


The user has full control over all video playback functions.


Improves players performances to win more games.

Multi Camera

Ability to utilise several camera angles of the game. These might include...

Advanced Statistics

Charts, Graphs, game to game comparison,seasonal performance.

Cross Platform

Compatible with PC, Laptops, Mac , Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10.

Cloud Based

Vidoes can be hosted on our Secure Web Platform.


Easy to share with other coaches or selectors and players.


From inter-county senior teams competing for All Irelands to small parish clubs juvenile teams SidelineEye puts the best video match analysis packages into the hands of YOUR TEAM at a price that is affordable and unmatched on the market.