What is SidelineEye?

SidelineEye is an innovative, video based, Statistical Analysis and Coaching tool designed specifically for Gaelic Games.

It makes it easier, faster and more affordable for coaches to analyse match videos, create their own notes and present these to the players in a far more interactive way.

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Our Philosophy

Video based statistical analysis is a great resource for all clubs and teams. Our experience has involved filming and analysing hundreds of matches for Managers and clubs from Champions to under age teams. We know it is vital for coaches to get their message across to players in the most impactful way whether in group or individual situations and we know this must be achieved quickly and easily. Our interactive maps, clips and stats can turn raw data into meaningful messages and relevant statistical information. We enable coaches to break down a game into the key moments and action that they need to share with their players and to save precious time doing so.

We allow the basis for coaching and match feedback to be truly collaborative - if that is what the coach wants. Players understand better by seeing what they have done right or wrong and young players in particular respond very positively to getting feedback and being able to see their games securely, quickly and conveniently thanks to the cloud. They relate to being coached using visual clips and maps on the devices they use every day. Presentations are transformed into highly relevant, concise playlists and messages that the Coach wishes to communicate. A picture truly can be worth a thousand words.

We also know that all teams and coaches want to improve and get better. Measuring and understanding performance is how this can be achieved. For years Performance Analysis Packages were expensive and cumbersome to use.We aim to make practical solutions accessible to all clubs and put our practical coaching tools in YOUR hands and help your team WIN MORE GAMES